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Email marketing has become a huge driver of revenue for businesses of all sizes. From the Fortune 100 to mom-and-pop stores it seems like everyone is using emails for marketing. You might have even thought about using email marketing for your business at one point or another.

While email marketing can help your business increase revenue, it’s also easy to get it wrong. Here are the 5 things to keep in mind for your email campaigns so that they can grow your business.

Don’t send too early or too late

When you send your email can have a huge impact on how many opens you receive. Do you think many people want to hear about your company at 6am before they have even had their first cup of coffee? While we all eat, sleep, and breathe our businesses 24/7 we have to remember that our customers do not. Plan to send your emails between 11am and 2pm local time for your recipients. If you’re using an email marketing platform you will be able to schedule your send time.

Don’t expect immediate action

One of the biggest changes to email marketing occurred last year when the Promotions tab was added to Gmail. This moved marketing emails from the primary inbox to a folder. When this change first happened, everyone was calling it the end of email marketing. Well the death of email marketing has been greatly exaggerated. Instead this has increased open and conversion rates and decreased unsubscribe rates. This is great because now customers can choose when to read marketing emails and they are much more likely to take action. Which means you need a call to action.

Don’t forget a call to action

Not including a call to action in your marketing emails is a guaranteed way to not get the results you want. If your customers don’t know what you want them to do, then they have no way to respond. They may read your email, but if you want them to buy a new product or service they need a link saying “Click here to order product xyz today!” ┬áJust remember that your customers may not read your email for a day or more so avoid “Order today for 50% off” if possible.

Don’t make it from your company

A common mistake among many business owners is that customers feel a connection with their business name. Unfortunately that is often not the case. Regardless of your business size, people like to work with people. So instead of sending your email from ACME Inc. try sending it from John Acme and watch your open rates climb. One of our clients increased their open rates by over 50% just by changing the from name on their emails. If you want to see the difference it can make in your emails, try sending an A/B Split campaign. For version A, send it from ACME Inc. and send version B as John Acme and look at the difference it makes.

Don’t send too often

Out of any mistake you might make with your email marketing campaigns, the one that can be the most damaging is sending too often. We’ve all subscribed to a newsletter or given our email address to a store to receive coupons only to receive daily emails. This often leads to your customers unsubscribing from your email list or reporting your email as spam. After a customer unsubscribes from your list, it is very difficult to ever get that customer to re-subscribe to your list. So when scheduling your emails, try to keep several days to a week between them.

So now that you know the 5 common mistakes email marketers make, go out and give it a try. Tomorrow I’ll give you some tips on creating and growing your email list.

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