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If you’re a business owner, this announcement isn’t going to mean anything to you. If you’re a WordPress Developer, this announcement is for you.

As you might imagine, when you work with WordPress all-day, everyday you end up solving quirks, writing a lot of code snippets, and discovering CSS tricks. Until today, all of these code and CSS snippets were strictly internal.

It wasn’t because I didn’t want to share them, I spend a lot of time answering WordPress text messages and emails from friends and I’m always happy to share my code. I just didn’t have a great way to share them.

Instead of waiting until I have the “perfect” way to share these code snippets and WordPress development tips, I’ve started a WordPress Development blog.

Whenever I discover something new, solve a new problem, or use an old code snippet in a project, I’ll add it to the development blog. Feel free to copy the code and paste it into your projects.

I know when I started out, blogs that shared code snippets and development tutorials helped me keep going when I just wanted to throw in the towel. If you’re just getting started or just looking for a quick answer to how you can make WordPress do x, I hope our development blog can help you out.