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Before I moved to Austin, I lived in Fort Worth, Texas where speed is very important. If you’ve ever visited North Texas, you already understand. Speed limits around Dallas and Fort Worth are more like suggestions. You always drive faster, sometimes 15-20 MPH faster just to keep up with traffic and not make everyone around you mad.

The web has become a lot like this. Your website always needs to load faster so that you don’t loose visitors who won’t want to wait for your site.

Speeding up your site used to mean spending hours or days on configurations and setups for caching and Content Delivery Networks. This was the case until just a few years ago when CloudFlare launched.

CloudFlare is different than other CDN providers. Akamai focuses on large enterprise clients and Amazon targets tech savvy server admins. CloudFlare has created the perfect solution for small and mid-sized businesses. A market that hasn’t had a way to affordably speed up their websites.

Last week, CloudFlare made an announcement that is a huge step forward for their customers. Now when you signup for a free account, your site can receive an SSL certificate. Given Google’s comments on the importance of SSL, this is huge.

To get started with CloudFlare takes less than 5 minutes.

  • Go to and signup for an account
  • Configure your domain’s DNS with their instructions
  • Verify that your DNS records are correct – check for any subdomains
  • You’re done!

CloudFlare looks at your site and pulls your static assets onto their system. This means your CSS, images, and JavaScript will load faster. Since these assets are what take the longest to load, using CloudFlare can speed up your site a lot.

One thing to keep in mind is that CloudFlare doesn’t replace your regular hosting. You still need that to serve your site. CloudFlare just takes over a lot of the work of that server so that your hosting server isn’t working as hard.


Website speed is becoming more important every day. From influencing search rankings to impacting sales, a slow site can kill a business.

Fortunately there’s a quick fix. In less than 5 minutes you can setup CloudFlare and reduce your site’s load time significantly. Visit CloudFlare‘s website to get started now.