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WordPress has become the most popular Content Management System on the market, and for good reason. It’s easy to create and edit content. You can add advanced features like eCommerce and photo galleries by just installing a plugin. WordPress has removed the steep learning curve of other website creators and CMSs.

The past few years have been an incredible leap forward for business owners. You now have the power to launch an amazing website and control the content yourself.

While WordPress makes it easy to manage your content and setup plugins, move beyond that and it isn’t always easy.

WordPress is an incredibly powerful piece of software. But it has code, predefined functions, and it’s easy to break if you don’t know what you’re doing. Needing to make simple changes used to mean hoping your original developer was still around to help or becoming a WordPress expert yourself.

This is the frustrating position a lot of business owners find themselves in. You’re running a business and don’t have time to learn WordPress development. Your original developer doesn’t take on small tweaks and fixes or can’t help you for several weeks.

There’s now an option that bridges the gap between full-scale development and you doing it yourself.

Managed WordPress Support

We recently launched our version of managed WordPress Support. I spent a lot of time researching what was already in the market. My theory with business is, if you can’t do it better than what’s already out there, you shouldn’t do it. I’m confident that what we’ve developed is the best WordPress support offering available.

I spent several months talking to clients and general WordPress users to identify their pain points. I looked back at the number of support tickets we’ve handled on a monthly basis for each of our clients over the past two years. I talked to small business owners to find out how much their time is worth and the value their site adds to their business. What I learned shaped our WordPress Support offering.

  • Business owners just need WordPress to work when it’s time to add or update content, they don’t want to think about updates
  • Even clients who have used WordPress for years still have questions about how to do things and how WordPress works
  • Very few businesses have a complete backup of their website, but they depend on their website for revenue and lead generation
  • Everyone I talked to has Malware protection installed on their computers, but no one had thought about malware or hacking on their website
  • The only business owners that visited their website at least once a week were those with a blog or eCommerce
  • The business owners I talked to valued their time between $20-$150/hour
  • On average we receive 4 support emails a month per client

I took everything I learned from these conversations and used it to create our WordPress support levels. Each level is designed with the needs of a particular client group in mind, from a sole-proprietor to a business that depends on their website to pay the bills.


WordPress is the perfect CMS for small to mid-sized businesses that need to create and edit content quickly and without the need to know code. But sometimes you want WordPress to do more or look a little different and sometimes a plugin or bit of bad code causes WordPress to break. Unless you want to become a WordPress developer, this is a frustrating and potentially costly experience for any business owner.

I developed Oso Studio’s WordPress Support plan to remove the frustration and minimize the cost of tweaking or fixing your website. If your business uses WordPress, you can benefit from having an on-call developer from an established WordPress agency. Check out our WordPress Support plans today to find the perfect match for your business.