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Have you been on YouTube recently?  If you have, chances are that you’ve seen Super Bowl pre-ads shown.  There has been a major shift over the past few years for companies looking to drive web traffic and increase brand awareness by releasing Super Bowl ads before and after the game.  If you want to read more about the shift and what major companies have done this year, head over to AdAge.  And just FYI, my favorite pre-ad is Volkswagen’s “German Engineers Create The Ultimate Game Day Commercial”  It’s not as good as their Darth Vader commercial from a few years ago, but I still think it’s incredibly funny when you look at some of the ads it parodies.

Unless you’ve spent $4Million+ on a Super Bowl commercial this year, you probably want to know why this matters to you.  This is a great example of how social media networks are an integral part of inbound marketing campaigns.  While most of the brands that advertise during the Super Bowl and have taken out huge chunks of YouTube advertising for the past 2 weeks or so are well known household names, there are still things to take away from their ads.

Budweiser Frogs

This was one of the longer running Super Bowl commercial themes that continued for several Super Bowls.  While it didn’t show the product it was advertising, it created a significant amount of buzz around Budweiser and has been parodied in an episode of “The Simpsons”  The Budweiser frogs showed us that a commercial doesn’t have to constantly show our product to a potential customer for them to remember the product.

Apple’s “1984”

Of course examples of great Super Bowl ads with amazing staying power that generated intense brand awareness wouldn’t be complete without the ad that started the modern day ads, Apple’s “1984” ad.  Often regarded as one of the best ads in history, this commercial launched the original Macintosh (which just turned 30 this week).  We can once again see that a great ad doesn’t force the consumer to see the product.  In the case of the Macintosh, seeing the product wouldn’t have mattered much at that point since the majority of consumers weren’t familiar with computers and no one was familiar with the concept of the home computer.

Creating brand buzz without spending millions

Apple & Budweiser are two of America’s largest corporations, each grossing several billion dollars per year, but there are definitely lessons that any business can use regardless of their marketing budget.

  • People like being able to relate to your brand, but they don’t want to be force fed product sales
  • Having an ad on YouTube or another video sharing platform allows potential customers to find you years after you published it
  • You don’t have to spend money on traditional TV commercial spots, a great video can have greater impact on YouTube and Vimeo

So while you’re watching the big game on Sunday, enjoy the ads and think about how a YouTube marketing campaign can integrate into your overall inbound marketing campaign.  We work with a couple of amazing videographers that can script, shoot, direct, and edit your videos.

Then we can help you launch your videos on YouTube and Vimeo and promote your channel on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and everywhere else so that your potential customers can find your website and become your new customers.

So get in touch with us today and let’s grow your video through a social media video campaign.