Affiliate Links

This site does use affiliate links with certain services we promote, primarily hosting. This means that when you click one of our links and make a purchase, we may receive compensation for that vendor. These payments help to offset the costs that we incur researching hosting solutions and developing solutions to quickly launch websites on our recommended hosting partners.

We Only Recommend Products and Services We Use and Love

All of our hosting partners we recommend, we believe in completely. Our WordPress Hosting page serves as a resource for clients and site visitors to determine the appropriate hosting provider for their WordPress website.

The premium plugins and themes we may recommend are plugins and themes that we have used with clients before and are sharing the knowledge we’ve gained from those past projects.

Our promise to you is that we will never recommend you spend money just to spend money. If there’s a better solution available for which we don’t receive a commission, that’s what we’ll recommend. A great example of this is WooCommerce. There are several WordPress eCommerce platforms with affiliate programs, but none of them provide the level of support and expandability of WooCommerce. So even though we’re never paid a dime from WooCommerce, we promote them to anyone that mentions wanting to sell products or services through their website.