WordPress Single Support Ticket

  • In order to complete your WordPress Support request, we require an account on your website. This account needs Administrator or Super Administrator (for WordPress Multisite) access. Please create an account with the email address support@osostudio.com
  • FTP Information

    To backup your site and complete development tasks, we will need access to your server. If you don't have this information, your web hosting company can provide it to you.
  • SSH Information

    To complete certain tasks, we may need to access your server via SSH (Command Line). If your hosting provider doesn't provide client access to SSH (e.g. WP Engine or shared Pagely plans), we will work with them to complete the needed work.
  • Support request and payment

  • If you have any documents, screenshots, etc. that will help us understand your support needs, please upload them here. (Allowed file types: JPG, PNG, PDF, Word Docs)
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, doc, docx, jpeg.
  • Price: $300.00
  • $0.00
  • I understand that my support ticket will be completed within 1 business day of being submitted unless I have selected an expedited service option above. Tickets requiring significant work may be refused at our discretion. If a ticket is refused, a full refund will be provided along with alternatives for the work to be completed.

    If we are unable to complete the work requested for any reason, we will provide a full refund for any fees paid.

    I understand that these rates are per support token. While most work intended to be covered by single support incidents can be completed, additional time and fees may be required. If additional time is required, we will contact you via email to request approval. Payment for the additional work will be due at the time of approval.

    Work completed will be tested and verified as working within spec based on the current version of any plugin, theme, and WordPress Core. While every effort is made to insure future compatibility, future versions of WordPress, a plugin, or theme may cause the work completed for this support ticket to no longer work. Oso Studio cannot cover these changes under warranty beyond 30 days from deployment. Further, Oso Studio cannot warranty that any plugin or theme not currently active on the site will be free of conflicts.

    You are responsible for notifying Oso Studio of any issues arising from this work within 2 business days of completion.

    You are responsible for the purchase, update, and ongoing use of any premium themes or plugins required as part of this ticket.

    You are responsible for providing all necessary credentials and permissions to Oso Studio to complete this ticket in a timely manner.

    Oso Studio is authorized to act on your behalf for communication with your hosting provider, plugin or theme developers, or any other party necessary to complete this ticket. Oso Studio cannot authorize any billing changes or make changes to any account that would result in changes to your existing relationship with a party. You will be notified of any changes you are responsible for making.